Shanghai Baby - Bay Ling
Berengar Pfahl
Berengar Pfahl is a filmmaker who has written film history with daring and unconventional productions. His first major hit, "Britta," is still widely considered a milestone in sophisticated entertainment today. Critics attest to his authenticity and closeness to his characters. Viewers value the importance he places on the poetry of the everyday world, which he finds much more appealing than any car-chase scene. His motto is "standstill is decline." This is why he is fascinated by a city like Shanghai, in which the trends of the future are being lived today.
2005/06Festival of Dragon Movie 90 min.
2005/06Sign of Love Movie
2003/04Heroes of Frostiness TV-Series 6 Episodes 30 min.
2000/01OFFROAD.TV TV-Series 13 Episodes 50 min.
1996-'99Tanja TV-Series 39 Episodes 50 min.
1990-'95Southern Stars Movie 3 Episodes 90 min.
1990-'95Southern Stars 40 Episodes 50 min.
1988Tam-Tam Movie 2 Episodes 100 min.
1986Across the black river Movie 2 Episodes 90 min.
1985Jimmy Allegretto Movie 105 min.
1982News from Britta Movie 2 Episodes 90 min.
1980Let's go to Monte Carlo Movie 100 min.
1978Jerusalem, Jerusalem Movie 3 Episodes 90 min.
1977Britta Movie 2 Episodes 90 min.
Shanghai Baby Photos by Udo Spreitzenbarth     日本